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LVC’s upcoming IPOs page offers investors a Preview of companies that are currently planning to list on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and access to live deals. We include details of the IPO (Initial Public offering) including company name, ASX code, issue price, capital sought and more. Investors can also view and track the performance of companies that have recently listed

Company Name ASX Code Issue Price Raise Focus Investor Type
3D Metal Forge 3MF $12.54 $10m 3D printing Retail Closed
Auric Mining AWJ $08.51 $14m Gold Sophisticated & Retail Closed
Chaucer Energy CHA $12.54 $05m Skin care and health Retail Closed
DDH1 DDH $18.17 $15m Drilling contractor Sophisticated & Retail Closed
Firebird Metals FRB $31.07 $30m Technology Sophisticated & Retail Closed
Juno Minerals JNO $02.03 $02m Medical Imaging Retail Closed
Nexion Group NNG $31.07 $30m Technology Sophisticated & Retail Closed
OzAurum Resources OZM $02.03 $02m Medical Imaging Sophisticated Closed

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