1. Wheels on Speed

Broader macro view-based strategy in the auto industry with top down approach. The theme focuses on the technological evolution happening within the automotive industry how it affects the entire industry structure and thus creating new winners.

Identifying which of the existing players getting benefited from it and catching emerging players very at an early stage. The portfolio comprises of automakers, technology players and component manufactures. Identifying and Assessing the potential future consumer and their preferences that creates demand of a particular product/technology in the industry. Intermediate term investment Horizon.

2. Oz Big Players

The theme focuses on investing in large cap Australian Companies with strong business prospects and sound financials. Emphasis on identifying established large cap companies that can survive in ever changing demand/supply scenario and can withstand competition from the players within the industry as well as can cope themselves with the technological evolution. Focus is to identify long term sustainable growth along with regular income opportunities. The theme looks for opportunities across sectors.

3.Tech Warriors

Theme focuses on identifying established as well as new players in the technology field. Innovative technologies of tomorrow will replace or will make the currently used technologies across the industries obsolete. Growth focused strategy looking at future potential growth of a particular technology. Not a sector specific but will looks at IT, Fintech, Big Data and Agri where major changes are about to happen
within the next decade Intermediate term investment horizon with growth focus investment theme

4. Watermark

Petroleum was 20 th Century Gold, Water will replace it in the 21 st Century. The strategy focuses on companies working on water related technologies or efficient usage of water such as water desalination, vertical farming etc. Echological view to identifying target company that can survive future scarcity of water. Intermediate term investment horizon with growth focus investment theme

5. Global Stars

Cash is the king. Focusing on investing large companies with high dividend yield and a history of paying regular dividends. Approach is to identify such companies across the globe that can generate sustained cash flow income for the investors. Usual approach is to invest in large cap companies with sound financials but also invests in mid-cap companies with regular dividend payment inclination. Growing portfolio at a long-term sustainable growth along with regular income.

6. Internet Mixes

The strategy looks to find next Netflix Internet of things has taken over the online business. Theme identify growing businesses in the internet of things that has an opportunity to disrupt the tradition business structure and a potential scale. Macro strategy looking at across business areas and looking at companies across the world Investment.

7. AI-Future World

21 st Century will see rise and rise of AI, as more and more machines will take over Human workers. The strategy focuses on investing in emerging players in Artificial Intelligence and existing players repositioning themselves with the advent of AI. Identify and assess upcoming development in AI and their implications and the companies working on such developments. Macro Strategy looks for growing companies across the Globe in AI Sector.

8. Warren Special Buffet

AIM to build a portfolio of Companies, an investor can gift their shares to his/her grandchildren. The strategy looks to invest in companies with very sustainable business model, sound financials and cash flow, comfortable valuation multiples, and very strong management. The strategy has a broader focus across sectors and markets to identify target companies. Pure value play with long term investment approach

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